Arrival by Plane

The closest international airport is Frankfurt/Main International Airport (FRA). From Frankfurt Airport, one can get to Mannheim either by train or by bus.

  • The ICE train station is located across Terminal 1, Concourse B. Follow signs for DB Long Distance Train Station (Fernbahnhof).
  • The single ticket will be around Euro 15.20 - 22.50 2nd class. You may buy a ticket in the train, but it is less expensive to buy it in advance.
  • Direct trains to Mannheim leave every hour at 54 minutes past the hour (xx.54) and most time of the day also 20 minutes past the hour (xx.20). The journey takes about 30 minutes.
  • The Lufthansa Shuttle Bus is operated regularly, approximately on an hourly basis (in the evening: full hours). The journey takes about one hour.
  • Prices for Bus Shuttle One way: Euro 22,00, Roundtrip: Euro 40,00.
  • Booking and ticket sale at Lufthansa and in every travel agency with Lufthansa services. Tickets are also available from the bus driver.
  • Departure and arrival stations:

Departure Frankfurt Airport: Terminal 1, arrival area, hall B, exit B4-5
Arrival in Mannheim City: Dorint Kongresshotel, Friedrichsring 6, 68161 Mannheim

There is also a small Airport in Mannheim, located 3 km off city-centre. Cirrus Airlines flies daily from Berlin/Tegel or from Hamburg to Mannheim/Neuostheim.

Arrival by Train

Mannheim is a train nodal point with good IC and ICE connections. Please refer to the Online Schedule of the Deutsche Bahn AG (Railway Company) for finding a train connection.

Arrival by Car

Approaching from south (Switzerland/Freiburg or Munich)

  • Coming from motorway (Autobahn) A 5, change to A 6 at the Walldorf interchange heading towards Mannheim. After 22 km, follow the signs that lead you to the A 656. Change to A 656 and follow the signs to Mannheim/Zentrum (please pay attention to the speed limit).
  • Stay on this road until you reach a square with the watertower (Wasserturm). Turn left at the end of the square heading for the main train station ("Hauptbahnhof"). At the next larger intersection turn right and proceed for 300 metres.
  • On the left side you will see the Economics building at the block L7 (please note the glass front which marks the building). At the next block L5 you will find the Chair of Finance which is located in L5, 2.

Approaching from west (Saarbrücken/Kaiserslautern) and north-west (Belgium, NL)

  • Saarbrücken/Kaiserslautern: Change from the A 6 to the A 61 at the Frankenthal interchange.
  • Belgium and Netherlands: Take the the A 61 coming from Cologne/Koblenz
  • Change from the A 61 to the A 650 heading for Ludwigshafen (do not follow the signs to Mannheim until you are on A 650).
  • Proceed on the A 650 until the speed limit is reduced to 70 km/h and the highway splits. Stay on one of the two left lanes (B 37), although the right hand lanes (B 44) have signs leading to Mannheim. The B 37 leads directly to the castle.
  • On the bridge crossing the Rhine river in front of the castle stay in the right lane. While passing the palace on your left hand side, change to the left lane and turn left at the next traffic light. Proceed for 200 metres. The Chair of finance is located on the left side in L5, 2.

Approaching from north (Cologne/Düsseldorf/Frankfurt)

  • From Cologne: Take the A 3 to Frankfurt and change to A 67 heading for Darmstadt.
  • From Frankfurt Airport: Take the A 5 direction Basel/Darmstadt.
  • At highway crossing Darmstadt remain on/change to A 67 to Mannheim (please pay attention to the chage in speed limit).
  • Remain on A 67 until you reach A 659 heading for Mannheim Innenstadt (centre).
  • For further details please see "Approching from south".

Approching from north II (Berlin/Hannover)

  • Take A 7 direction south and change at crossing "Kirchheimer Dreieck" to A5 heading for Gießen. Proceed on A 5 until you reach highway crossing Darmstadt and change to A67 heading for Mannheim.
  • Remain on A 67 until you reach A 659 heading for Mannheim Innenstadt (centre).
  • For further details please see "Approching from south".