Research Overview

Credit Risk and Banking

In this research area measurement and management of credit risk are analyzed. Specific research projects deal with banks' internal credit ratings, the relation between credit risk and loan interest rates, the transferability of credit risk as well as regulatory capital adequacy, in particular the new Basel capital accord.

Behavioral Finance and Asset Pricing

In this research area knowledge about individual decision making is generated and/or taken from psychological research and transferred to economic settings. This refers in particular to decisions in stock markets and their impact on aggregate variables like price and volume. Besides theoretical work, we conduct empirical research, using the method of experimental economics, and analyze market data.

Decision Theory and Analysis

In this field of research we aim to understand the basics of individual decision making, to identify systematic biases, to analyze their causes and to model behavioral components of decision making. These insights are also applied to prescriptive decision theory and decision analysis.  

Please take a look at our faculty's working papers and research interests if you are interested in ongoing research projects.